Some thoughts on Decentralizing AI, Dictatorships, and God

A friend John surprised me with an in-person interview setup at an event I helped produce called the "Unrestricted Intelligence Summit," which took place during SXSW this year. This is our interview.

A little background on this interview: This interview took place at an event that myself and Edge City co-produced with a few amazing partner organizations including Morpheus, ATXDAO, and Uncommon Entrepreneurs. The event was called the Unrestricted Intelligence Summit, focusing on creating dialogue around the importance of democratizing intelligent AI models for human flourishing, for the common good, etc.

We were lucky that this amazing storyteller and videographer, Eureka John, was excited enough about what we're doing that he offered to have this beautiful setup for an in-person interview and offered to interview a few of the speakers and organizers, including myself. This is the 16-ish minute interview that transpired.


In this interview, I touch on some things that I haven't been very public about in the past, including my family history, specifically my grandfather's relationship with the CCP—namely that he was essentially a slave to the CCP for 6 years, starting from when my father was 4 years old. Also, why I believe in crypto, and the relationship between crypto and decentralization with the end of dictatorships. There's a deep connection there that I wanted to explore in this interview, so I did.

I also talk a lot about my emerging conviction in the presence of God and that everything is God. And that our lives are being orchestrated in ways that our human minds can barely understand, but that there is a plan and that everything we do should be in service of our highest ideals and that we should be walking our divine purpose.

I think everyone, in their different ways, should be serving God and, certainly, human flourishing in their own unique way.

I really welcome you in starting a conversation with me on any of these topics.

Hope you enjoy the interview!

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