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Imagine a future where every American has the opportunity to flourish and the U.S. is leading the world in building, implementing, and sharing foundational technologies key to a better future for all 🌎

This is America 2.0 🇺🇸

Same mission as America 1.0, shipped in 1776. But way better at living up to its promises. With way faster innovation in the domains most relevant in confronting our huge internal and international challenges.

I’m Gary Sheng, and this is the America I’m obsessed with making “leveling up America” into a game that everyone wants to play. Through this Substack and my YouTube channel, I’m building a community who shares this obsession 🫡

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Weekly explorations of how we make "leveling up America" into a fun game everyone wants to play.


Gary Sheng
I'm an US-based technologist and civic entrepreneur dedicated to building tools, systems, and movements that accelerate human and planetary flourishing. I write about leveling up America with foundational technology.