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One thing that's been in my mind is the question of whether habits are the building block of identity. Made me think of founded vs unfounded identity. It absolutely is for founded where as there are a lot of people with aspirational or unfounded identity. For people who are committing to being intentional with their attention or their actions, habits as the building block make sense. But there are so many people who don't focus on the reality of their action.

I'm thinking of people who identify deeply by national identity or by sports team affiliation. They rarely actually support the thing directly, if anything their actions are targeting peripheral activity (passively consuming their identity via TV or the news).

This also feels related to bentoism from Yancey stickler, how to shift from 'now me' to 'future us'. I think the frame of holonic habits is a really interesting one to operationalize that shift. Trying to ground people more in the identity that you are the result of your actions, be more mindful, and link your identity to a collective (in turn coming back to intention and expanding the scope from selfish to collective)

Thanks for sharing/writing!

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Thanks for sharing and writing!

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