Sitemap - 2023 - America 2.0 (by Gary Sheng)

Why I’m Taking A Pause On Substack

The Case Against Judging Others: A Personal Journey

Why Crypto Matters For Humanity's Future: A Basic Guide to Enlightening Open Minds

Why I Can’t Stop Thinking About Leaving America

A Love Letter To All Who Open Source

A Love Letter to the World’s “Bloomers”

The Case for Being a Hyper-Responsive Leader

Why I'm So Glad I Started This Substack

The Case for Being an "Agreement Maxi"

The Case for Embracing A "Choose Your Own Adventure" Philosophy

Leaving Montenegro with a Full Heart: My Top Lessons from Zuzalu

How To Express Gratitude

The Case for "Going With The Flow"

Why Revolutionaries Should Create Online Courses

The Case for Abundant Diversity

The Case for Making “Async” Your Default

The Case for “Radical Gratitude”

Why Busy, Mission-Obsessed People Should Write Long-Form Content

The Case for Embracing Love—the Ultimate Operating Principle for a Flourishing, All-Win Future

How To Know If You’re Flourishing

“Infinite Spirit”: A Poem About America 2.0

The Power of Open Sourcing Your Mission

10 Creative Ways to Market Your Product

5 Super Practical Personal Branding Principles

From Criticism to Collaboration: Introducing Crowdsourced "Goldprints" for Public Figures

Introducing “Golden Co-Commitments”: Truly Win-Win Relationships

Why You Should Become A “Sovereigntist”

The Case for “Twitter 3.0”: The Ultimate Social Media Experience

The Case for Funding “Public Artists”

This Is The Most Important Thing We Can Build With AI

How To Use Words To Meme Your Vision Into Existence

How We Can Defeat CBDCs With Meme Warfare

The Only REAL Way To Save TikTok

The Case for Training A Million "Innovation Stewards”

Why We Need To Angel “Invest” in Individuals

The Power of Going Slow When All You’re Hearing Is “Accelerate”

The Most Valuable Thing I Learned In My 20s

Why Model Citizens Have A Responsibility To Become Influencers

It’s High Time We Finally Fund The “In-Betweeners”

“Atomic Habits” Are A Great Start. Now It’s Time To Meme “Holonic Habits.”

Revealing The Tools That Supercharge My Productivity

My Rocky Mountain Revelations

How To Convince Your Boss To Let You Go To Conferences

How To Win Conference Season

The Case for “Forking” Traditional Government

Introducing "Activism 2.0": When Movements Become World-Changing Multiplayer Games

The ReGen Citizen Pledge

How Airdrops & NFTs Can Regenerate The World

Use AI (Or It Will Use You)

The Case Against Running For Office

How To Not Be Dead Weight

5 Invaluable Movement Building Lessons from America's Legendary WW2 Propaganda Office

Web3’s Holy Grail is Censorship-Resistant Movement Infrastructure

The Case for Honest, Participatory Propaganda

Meme Lords Deserve More Respect

Why You Should Care That America Succeeds

How Red States Could Leapfrog Blue States In Foundational Energy Tech

The Case for “Political Solutionism”